Are You One of Three Hundred?


I want to share something very important with you that is key to DKN Ministries moving forward. I want to ask you to consider whether or not the Lord may be directing you to be one of the three hundred.

What is the three hundred?

When God sought to deliver the nation of Israel from the hands of the Midianites he didn’t do it with an army of thousands but with a much smaller force of three hundred. This core group remained spiritually alert and determined even in the midst of the most impossible of circumstances. When the battle was won, everyone understood that it was God and God alone that had brought the victory.

I believe God still uses small groups of people to do big things! This is what the three hundred is all about. A committed group of individuals who believe that together we can make big things happen!

The three hundred is comprised of individuals like yourself who believe in this ministry and have chosen to join arms with us as we seek to further the kingdom across the nation and around the world.

This is not the one-side ministry partnerships of the past. We are charting a different course and are doing so together. It is my desire to foster deeper personal relationships with you as we believe God to do more than we can imagine.

We are seeking three hundred champions who not only believe in us, but whom we can believe in as well and are committed to one another.

There is true power in multiplication. Your involvement in the three hundred will enable DKN ministries to reach more people. It also enables the three hundred to give back at least $36,000 a year towards ministry projects. (That multiples your gift 100 times!)

Imagine being responsible for planting orphanages, stopping human trafficking or responding to a natural disaster at a moment’s notice. All this for as little as a dollar a day. This is what the three hundred does.

Would you prayerfully consider being a part? Let us, together make a difference in our world!

Believing For Revival,

Daniel Norris

Your commitment to three hundred

  • Lift up our ministry and family in prayer
  • Sow a least $1 a day into the three hundred
  • Consider being involved in future outreaches

Our commitment to three hundred

  • Lift up you and your family in prayer
  • Personal consistent communication
  • Resources sown into you
  • Giving back at least $36,000 annually

To partner with DKN Ministries and be one of the three hundred please use the button provided below.


You can also give with PayPal.

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