3200 vs 1 (The Political Hypocrisy of Abortion)

Wednesday, Jan 22  was the 41st anniversary of Roe v. Wade.  The President took the occasion to acknowledge the day with a statement that celebrated abortion as the “freedom and opportunities [for women] to fulfill their dreams” (1).

3200 babies are aborted in the US each day.  That is a life executed in the womb every 26 seconds.  57 million since 1974 (2). January 22 was not a time to commemorate but rather an occasion to mourn the loss of America’s most precious resource – her children.

There was another life executed yesterday.  Unlike the 3200 innocent lives taken in the past 24 hours, this one was Edgar Tamayo, a Mexican national convicted  for the murder of a Houston, Texas police officer.

According to the court records Tamayo shot officer Guy Gaddis in the back of the head three times after having been arrested, handcuffed and placed in the rear seat of Gaddis’ patrol car.  It was while Gaddis began to drive away, that Tamayo pulled a concealed gun the officer had failed to find and shot Gaddis from behind in cold blood (3).

The Secretary of State, John Kerry along with many other politicians pressed the state of Texas to postpone the execution arguing for Tamayo’s international rights as well as to preserve America’s standing in the eyes of our allies (4).

Fighting for a convicted murder’s international rights?  Protecting the international community’s perception of the US?

The fact that these two headlines were circulating on the same day was more than interesting as they contrast the duplicity of so many pro-choice proponents.

In 2004 as John Kerry ran for president he championed himself as an advocate for women’s rights vowing he would never allow someone to come in and reverse Roe v. Wade (5).

How is it possible to fight for the life of a convicted murderer while at the same time fighting for the right to murder innocent life?  Is the hypocrisy not obvious?

What of the unborn’s God-given rights? What of the Lord’s perception of America?  How can you advocate for one life and not another?

Thankfully, more and more people are beginning to understand this. Polls show 62% of Americans believe abortion is morally wrong (6).  However our opinion means little if our actions do not change!

My friend, there is an opinion that is far more weighty than that of the public.  There is a court that truly is supreme and it has the final say.  The Lord sees all and judges all according to His truth.  Political justifications mean nothing next to his perfect justice.  He will expose the hypocrisy.

America, we are walking further and further from the favor of the Lord with every child we continue to deny the right to life.  The time has passed to pray for God’s blessing for America. Now is the time to plead for His mercy.

God held Cain accountable for the spilt blood of his brother, how can he not hold us accountable for the blood of 57 million unborn children?

There is no greater moral issue standing against our nation than that of abortion.  It is our nation’s greatest sin.  Judgement is certain unless we repent.

Church, lift up your voice!  Now is not the time to be silent.  We must cry out for those who cannot yet speak.  The Lord’s watchful eye is on us and we too will be judged for how we responded in this hour.

In all this I am hopeful.  I see the day coming when our children’s children will visit memorials established to honor the lives of the unborn.  They will walk through former abortion centers that have been converted to museums.  They will weep as they learn of the atrocities we tolerated for more than 40 years.  That day they will ask the question that should be asked today, “How could anyone ever have thought that this was okay?”.

America, fall to your knees and repent.  Turn from your wicked ways.  It is not too late to find God’s mercy so that He can heal our land.

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