Prodigal Nation

This is a repost of a blog I wrote in 2008… I revisit it because 4 years later the word is just a relevant.  The Prodigal Nation of America is allowing itself to become subject to the spirit of Pharaoh.  Pharaoh enslaved the people during a great famine in exchange for basic provision.  As dire as so many people feel that the next four years for America will be… I am filled with great hope as I believe the greatest move of God this world as ever seen is at hand!  

September, 2008 the Spirit of the Lord spoke to me during my morning prayer time concerning the present state of our nation and what lies ahead. The Holy Spirit took me to Luke 15 and showed me a prophetic picture of America through the story of the Prodigal Son. He said to me that we are now living in a Prodigal Nation that has squandered its blessings and is facing a severe famine that will alter the future course of the US. However this road will lead to a place of repentance and national revival.

Luke 15 Jesus tells the parable of a son who demands his inheritance from his father so that he may leave his father’s house and live his life as he saw fit. The father grants his request and gives his son his inheritance.

American is a nation that was built on Biblical foundations. Our origins have paved the way for us to become a highly blessed nation. Like this young son, we’ve experienced blessings as long as we’ve lived in our Fathers house. However over the years we have removed ourselves from that house and forsaking the very covering that brought those blessings.

The parable goes on to tell how the young son leaves for a far away land, and squandered his inheritance on wild living, eventually the inevitable takes place…his blessings run out. Jesus says at that moment a severe famine struck the land and he began to be in need. His answer to his situation was to join himself to a citizen of that land who gave him a job feeding swine.

Our nation continued in its blessings, but only for a time. We didn’t realize that we were detached from the source of the blessings. As long as the blessings remained, we assumed all was well. I felt the Lord say that our blessings have run out and now a severe famine has struck our land.

Consider the situations our nation has faced over the last four years; Devastating wild fires, drought, flooding, earthquakes, super-storms & hurricanes; Our banking system was frozen, jobless rates continued to climb, the greatest recession since the great depression; and the continued threat of terrorism from multiple fronts. *edited  for clarity

All of these calamities caused us to take drastic actions that we have once thought unthinkable. We surrendered rights, we’ve handed institutions over to our government and watched as our national debt has soared unimaginable figures. Soon our government will control greater portions of our individual lives. Our nation has changed drastically over the last several years. We have joined ourselves to ideologies that seem good to us at the moment because we are in need, however these decisions will lead our nation to “dine with the swine”. That was the word that I heard from the Lord.

In the parable the young son recognizes the error of his ways, repents of his decisions and returns home to his father’s house where his dad graciously restores him to his original position within the home.

Here’s the good news. I feel that we are nearing a time where we as a nation, and primarily as a church will recognize where we are and return to our Father. “In God we Trust” will no longer be a motto, but a position. It’s time for another great awakening to come to our nation. It’s time for revival!

Let’s not be fearful in our present circumstances. Let’s fall on our knees, humble ourselves, turn from our wicked ways and pray. At that point our Father will hear from heaven and heal our land. 1 Chronicles 7:14.

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