5 Suggestions for additional White House Displays

I have a few suggestions for The White House in light of Friday’s decision to use “The People’s House” as a billboard to promote a political cause no matter how divisive it may be.  Let me know what you think.

The Independence House 


Wouldn’t it be nice to see the White House decorated in “American Pride”?  Perhaps a refresher in US history would do this nation some good.  Religious freedoms are now under attack.  We’ve forgotten why we exist.

The Nazarene House


Shouldn’t every American be able to unite behind this idea?  As the White House celebrated the Supreme Court decision to legalize gay marriage, ISIS celebrated by throwing homosexuals off roof tops in the Middle East.  ISIS is indiscriminate in their brutality, they slaughter both Muslims and Christians.   Why not light up the White House in orange, the same color ISIS dresses these martyrs in.

The Debt House


At over $18 trillion dollars in debt and climbing, how long until we are all living in the dark?  July 3, 2008, senator Barak Obama called President George Bush’s $4 trillion dollars of debt “irresponsible and unpatriotic.”  I wonder, what do you call an additional $9 trillion in debt?  Why not turn out the lights in honor of the national debt…might even save a few bucks.

The Christmas House 


Would it be controversial?  Certainly, but no more than Friday’s display.  It would be safe to say, the majority of Americans would support this idea.  Giant Christmas trees, a live nativity, and the house aglow in twinkling lights.  Those who have declared a war on Christmas would have a fit, but us Christians would appreciate it as a step towards inclusiveness.

The LIFE House


Yes, I’m dreaming here.  Friday’s Supreme Court Decision will be contested for decades to come just like Roe v Wade.  Friday the White House celebrated the right to marry, but what about a more basic right—the Right to Life.  Everyday 3,000 unborn Americans are denied this right.  Shouldn’t all lives matter?

  • Frankie Avis

    Wonderful ideas. Especially the Christmas and Right to life ideas. But all are great. Thank you, Bro. Norris!!!

    • DKN

      Thank you for reading Frankie and thank you for your comments

  • robert ramirez

    they are all good my favorite one is the usa we should take pride in what we stand for

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