A New Trail and Chapter Begins…

It’s official!  We are now homeless and at our own choosing.  We have literally slaughtered the ox and burned the plow!  There is no going back now.  The road ahead is set and we are ready to blaze our own trail of fire.

Tuesday, August 2nd Jenna and I sold our home and began the next chapter of our journey together.  This house has been such a blessing over the past three years.  Honestly, it was Jenna’s dream home.  Lots of space for the kids, big rooms, and a true chef’s kitchen (Jenna and Reijah love to cook & the boys love to eat!).  We could have happily lived here forever.  However that would be the comfortable and complacent thing to do.  We can’t do that!

America is at a crossroad and in a steady state of decline.  Without a greater awakening, our kids will inherent a godless nation absent of the Spirit of God.  This is why we must make an appeal to heaven for a revival that reverses the current course.

I have no doubt, such a move of God is possible!  In Trail Of Fire, I share ten stories of how such moves of God transformed whole communities and countries.  It has happened before and it must happen again. It is our only hope!

This is why Jenna and I have sold everything.  We’ve walked away from the “American Dream” and are moving the family into an RV to travel the nation one state at a time contending for the next great awakening.   We will visit historic sites where God has sent powerful moves of His Spirit and share the story from that location.  America needs to be reminded of its rich spiritual history and that we are indeed a Christian nation!

However it’s not just about what God did, it’s about what God is doing!  Alongside these stories from the past trail of fire, we want to shout the stories from the current trail of fire.  We are looking to partner with fifty churches that are positioned for awakening in their state or region.  We are going to share these present day miracles and testimonies of what God is doing in these houses as we all contend for a greater awakening in our nation.

Imagine, more than 50 churches connected on this trail of fire, all praying together for the next great move of God!  Imagine the possibilities as we all link arms and join in prayer together contending for an awakening.  This is going to be powerful!

We want you to come along for the journey and contend with us.  This is why we have created a brand new site (TrailOfFire.org) and will use our connections with Christian networks and publications to share these stories far and wide.  Make sure you’re signed up for the newsletter to receive updates the moment they are posted.

Also, be praying with us as we make the transition.  This is a big deal for our family.  Especially for our kids Reijah, Caden and Chase.  Yes, they are looking forward to seeing the entire nation and sharing with you their favorite sites.  However they are also sad to leave behind friends and family for a year.  Pray with us that we find the right RV.  We are trading 3,000 square feet for 300 square feet.  (I’d appreciate any advice and tips you can pass our way as we begin that search.)

Last, consider being a bigger part of this journey by joining with us in the ThreeHundred.  This is a small group of people just like you from all around the nation that have partnered with this ministry.  We believe in the power of being together and that God can use a small group of people to make big things happen!  Already the ThreeHundred has helped send the gospel to thousands, supported an orphanage in Uganda, fed refugees in Northern Iraq, put a roof on a church in Pakistan, and provided relief for flood victims in West Virginia.  We are just getting started and would welcome you on board!

Jenna and I are looking forward to the road that lies ahead.  This will be an adventure for sure and one that carries great significance.  We invite you to come along with us as we travel the trail of fire!

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