January 15, 2014


Daniel and his wife Jenna first sat under our ministry at the Brownsville Revival in Pensacola, Florida. They both graduated from our Bible School and then joined us 2003 to help launch a church in the Dallas area. For nearly a decade, I have had the privilege of watching Daniel make full proof of his ministry. His character has been tested through many responsibilities. He is extremely gifted and carries a powerful anointing to minister the Word to this generation. What thrills me even more is that he’s a man of integrity who walks in the fear of the Lord.

Daniel preaches in conferences throughout the U.S. and has appeared on both TBN and GodTV. He founded one of the most powerful youth events that airs regularly around the world. The Collision Youth Conference continues to draw young people and leaders from around the nation. Daniel is committed to imparting the Truth into the hearts of all who attend. The results have been amazing. He also currently works beside me as co-host and executive producer of our new television broadcast, From The Frontlines with Steve Hill.

Concerning his preaching skills, Daniel delivers a clear, uncompromising presentation of the Gospel, gives compelling altar calls and allows the Spirit of God to move when he ministers. In this day when there’s such a mixture and unclear sound coming from so many pulpits, he is a breath of fresh air, who boldly speaks the Truth in a spirit of love.

Steve Hill
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Daniel Norris ministered in our church, preached a wonderful word and challenged the people to a place of repentance which leads to revival. I can say that Daniel flows in the gifts quite well.  He ministered in our altars at length and we saw the hand of God move mightily.  He preaches the entire counsel of God and you can count on solid doctrine and connects well with his audience.

Daniel was mindful of our church’s vision  and came to be about the Master’s business in conjunction with what the Lord was doing in our church.  Daniel truly served the church, and that is quite refreshing.  I am a strong believer in the idea of the five-fold ministries  working together.  Daniel fills the office of the Evangelist well in conjunction with the pastor.

We plan to have him back again and the Lord willing he will be a regular part of the ministry of Colleyville Assembly of God.

Pastors, I can wholeheartedly and with absolutely no reservation recommend his ministry to your church!

Rev. Jeff Strickland M.A.
Senior Pastor
Colleyville Assembly of God
Colleyville TX

Daniel Norris is one of the rising premier ministers of today. His creativity and communication skills are matched only by his passion and love for his audience. I highly recommend the ministry of Daniel Norris

Richard Crisco, Senior Pastor
Rochester First Assembly
Rochester, Mi

The Message “Recipe for Revival” that the Holy Spirit has placed in the heart of Daniel Norris is simplistic enough for anyone to understand, while at the same time a powerful tool for any individual/church who is passionate about pursuing an intimate relationship with God.  It has brought about transformation and hope to the people in our community.  Revival is paramount for such a time as this!  Everyone needs Revival!

Pastor Travis Williams
New Beginnings Church
Madill, Oklahoma