Miraculous Healing Brings Muslim Family To Jesus

After two days of travel and over 8,365 miles I had finally arrived at Celebration Tabernacle, a church located in the slums of Mbarara, Uganda.  This Muslim village, like so many others, has been devastated by poverty, witchcraft, drugs, abuse, prostitution, and AIDs. Celebration is the lone Christian Church perfectly situated in the center of[…]

The Cross of Christ

The Cross of Christ is something all of Heaven is interested in, all of Hell is terribly afraid of, yet here on earth, mankind is more or less ignorant. Join Evangelist Daniel K Norris as he offers a revelation of the reality of the cross of Christ.

Lessons From Ravenhill

There is a story I share in Receptivity: Tuning into God’s Voice that illustrates how our position before God affects our receptiveness to God. The story comes from a time when I found myself in the office of my friend and mentor evangelist Steve Hill. This mighty man of God had been used as a prominent voice[…]

Revival’s Proof is always in Its Fruit – From Pensacola to the Philippines

January 7, 2000 Silver Moreno accepted the invitation of his spirit-filled mother to attend a service at Brownsville Assembly of God where revival was well into its fifth year. It was a long trip from Dallas to Pensacola, but Silver was desperate. A lifestyle of partying, drugs and alcohol had taken its toll. His first marriage was over and he was estranged from his young son and daughter. Silver needed a turn around.