I Still Dream the Dream

It was Oct 2002 when Steve Hill called me.  I’ll never forget the passion in his voice and the significance of his words.  “Daniel, I’m coming off the evangelistic field.  The Lord has spoken to me about starting a church in Dallas.” “My sheep need a fold” was what Pastor heard Jesus say.  The word[…]

Collision Conference

July 11-14, Dallas TX Special Guest: Jeanee Mayo, Richard Crisco, Frank Hechavarria, David Hall, Joe Oden, and Daniel Norris.  Worship with Aaron Crider and theREVOLUTION. Come join us as we seek a face to face encounter with the power and presence of God! For This Generation, Daniel K. Norris www.collisionconference.com


I had an epiphany 10,000 feet above Dallas Fort Worth.  My flight was on its final approach into DFW and as I was looking out the window on my city it occurred to me, “this city looks different from up here.” It just so happened that our flight path that day presented views of both[…]