Sorry Hollywood, You Can’t Have My Kids!

I was sitting in a green room with a well-known individual when my wife walked in, holding our little princess. The gentleman sitting next to me took notice of what her mom and I already knew. “That girl is absolutely gorgeous!” he exclaimed. Then he added, “She needs to be on TV.” Instinctively, I responded,[…]

Out of Bounds!

Do Boundaries still exist for the Believer? Spring is here, but the snow is still falling. This has been a winter season for the record books churning out a tremendous number of avalanches that have taken many lives. Just this past week headlines broke across the nation concerning 5 accomplished snowboarders who died after having[…]

Christian Nudist

There is a strange movement sweeping through the church at this very moment. Thousands are choosing to leave their Sunday best at home opting instead for much, much less – in fact they are wearing nothing at all. Unthinkable? I would have thought so myself, until an individual that I respected showed up at church[…]


I am not sure why the story of Zacchaeus is often left to our “kidz” church days along with classics like “Father Abraham” and “If You’re Happy and You Know it”.  Yes, Zacchaeus is popular with the 3 to 5 year old crowd… but if you’ll let me pull him down from the flannel graph[…]

Gaga for Jezebel

I don’t see a young lady in that picture, I see what I believe she intended – a siren. A mythological demon that lured unsuspecting sailors to her with her song only to destroy them. There is more behind Gaga than her catchy tunes. There is a demonic spirit, a siren’s song, luring in unsuspecting listeners away from the life of Christ’s light. Her song is a message for open sexuality, rebellion, and advocacy. Her audience is massive. Her influence is great. I warn you, don’t get captured by her song!

Getting Stronger

The Lessons of a Strong Man When I think of a strong man, immediately I see a man with broad shoulders, massive arms, big chest and ripped abs. This hulk-like beast impresses me not so much because of his size, but because of his ability.  I’ve watched with awe as such a man lifts telephone[…]