Collision Conference


July 11-14, Dallas TX

Special Guest: Jeanee Mayo, Richard Crisco, Frank Hechavarria, David Hall, Joe Oden, and Daniel Norris.  Worship with Aaron Crider and theREVOLUTION.

Come join us as we seek a face to face encounter with the power and presence of God!

For This Generation,

Daniel K. Norris

  • buddy

    i am thinking about going to heartland for college and do work as a youth pastor

  • Paul kalayjian

    My brother Daniel
    Can you priy for my ministry nextly in Armenia.
    thank you
    your brother in Jesus

  • Diana Neal

    I saw Frank Hechavarria (?) I believe (I thought they said Francis) guest speaker at 10:30-11:00am Feb 11, Miami One conference. He said he is living in San Francisco and starting a church here. I live in San Francisco and would love to join with him. Do you have any info about his church? An address or phone # to reach him at? My name is Diana Neal 415-722-1069 or my email above. Thanks so much!

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