Face Of Global Islam Less ‘Moderate’ Than Many Would Wish.

The Blaze just posted an article that is worthy of taking a look at.  Here is a portion from that post written by Brad Schaeffer.

Besides, research belies the notion that just a tiny sliver of Islamic extremism lurks amid an otherwise vast community of peaceful, tolerant types anxious to live in happy co-existence with their non-Muslim neighbors. Data shows the majority of Muslims are indeed peaceful.

But there is a dangerously large minority who are not. And they tend to be the young, ergo the future of Islam. Van Gogh’s murderer was, in fact, a second-generation 26-year-old Dutch national. The mastermind of the Paris attacks, Salah Abdeslam was a 26-year-old Belgian-born French national. Sayed Farook and Tashfeen Malik of San Bernardino were in their late 20s.

A recent Pew Forum survey gives a fascinating overview of the attitudes of Islamic countries across the globe from Bangladesh to Lebanon. The findings are too numerous to mention but one data-point struck me as worth highlighting.

As many as 40 percent of Palestinians believe suicide bombing justified; 39 percent of Afghanis; 29 percent of Egyptians; even 26 percent of so-called peaceful Bangladeshis. That is an awful lot of support for such a heinous and cowardly crime whose immorality ought to be self-evident. A different poll by ICM shows that 27 percent of Frenchmen between the ages of 18 and 24 have a favorable attitude towards Islamic State … and this was after the Charlie Hebdo bloodbath.

The facts fly in the face of the politically correct narrative. You cannot ignore the substantial minorities that represent a very violent radical form of Islam. In the end the problem itself is Islam and the answer is revival.

The president says we cannot allow this to become a war between America and Islam. We understand it is his job to figure out how to work with other Muslim nations for the security of the Middle East as well as the homeland. But let’s not be naïve, this is far greater than a political conflict. It is spiritual. The only secular answer to the situation is to isolate and contain. And that is something political correctness would never allow because it requires looking honestly at the religion. The ultimate solution requires spiritual Reformation. Again that is something political correctness would never allow. And as such we find ourselves brought into an unending conflict that is centuries old.

This is exactly where our missions outreaches and prayers are needed most. The world is primarily interested in temporary security, we must be interested in eternal security. Christianity does not offer us the opportunity to turn a blind eye to millions of Muslims whom Christ died for. Most Muslims are very decent people who desperately want to connect to God, unfortunately they are trapped in a religion that offers no true pathway to God.

Don’t let the political debate stir up hate. We must first show uncommon love for the Muslim and fight for their salvation.

We are lectured over and over again not to group all Muslims into a single category. We have been told to ignore the far extreme fringes as if they are just perverse forms of an ideology not a religion.

Perhaps a better alternative is to separate the Muslim from Islam. To see each as individuals. Moms and dads. Sons or a daughters. Each with their own individual dreams, hopes and aspirations for life. Individuals who are unfortunately trapped in a religion that kills, steals and destroys life from them. Islam is just as dangerous to the Muslim as it is to the world (that is a very politically incorrect statement).

I hope they are in your prayers. We can not slumber and sleep in this hour. Too much is at stake and the church is needed now.


Face Of Global Islam Less ‘Moderate’ Than Many Would Wish. Here’s The Evidence. | TheBlaze.com

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