Finding Passion This Week

Passion week is sacred.  It is the time of year the whole earth celebrates the sacrifice of our Savior, and more importantly, the resurrection of our Redeemer.  Truly we can say, “Because He lives; I can face tomorrow!”

I encourage you, make this week more meaningful by reading through the passion week scriptures.  Leonard Ravenhill often said, “don’t go through the scriptures, let the scriptures go through you!”  May your pursuit this week be to make a meaningful connection with God’s word.

I’ve broken down the scriptures for you with each corresponding day.  This is the schedule I’ve been following.  I hope it helps.

Friday – Jesus Arrives in Bethany

John 12:1-8

Saturday – The Sabbath
Jesus rests with his friends in Bethany

Palm Sunday – Jesus rides into Jerusalem

Mat 21:1-11; Mk 11:1-11; Lk 19:28-44; Jn 12:12-19

Monday – Jesus clears the temple

Mt 21:10-17; Mk 11:15-18; Lk 19:45-48

Tuesday – Day of teaching

Mat 21:23-24:51; Mk 11:27-13:37; lk20:1-21:36

Wednesday – Day of Rest

Nothing recorded in the Gospels, This is a good day to catch up on yesterday’s text.

Thursday – Last Supper

Mt 26:17-30; Mk 14:12-26; Lk 22:7-23; Jn 13:1-30

Good Friday – Jesus is Crucified

Mt 27:1-66; Mk 15:1-47; Lk 22:66-23:56; Jn 18:28-19:37

Saturday – The Sabbath,
Jesus’ body rests in the Tomb

Mt 27:57-61; Mk 15:42-47; lk 23:50-56; Jn 19:38-42

Resurrection Sunday – He is Risen! 
He is Risen Indeed!

Mt 28:1-13; Mk 16:1-20; Lk 24:1-49; Jn 20:1-31

May God bless you and your time in the secret place this week!

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