Five Years

picture-3Today Jenna and I celebrate five wonderful years of wedded bliss. I was thinking about the rich blessing we enjoy in our lives thanks to our great God.

Those that know our story, know that we did things differently from the world.
– we married as virgins
– we didn’t date until we had both heard from God that this was His will for our lives.
– we strived to stay pure while dating and always put God first.
– we remained accountable to parents and leaders

I know it seems old fashioned… But the results speak for themselves. We trully have an amazing relationship that was built on a strong foundation.

This morning I was thinking about how Reijah is now blessed because her parents chose to do things differently. Her mom and dad didn’t get married out of necessity. They brought her into their love. She doesn’t know what it is to have bitterness and anger around her, because mom and dad love each other and love her.

We’re fortunate! And I thank God foe that every day.

So to my beautiful bride. I love you.

  • Benjamin

    thats some good stuff pastor daniel i think its great that you guys have an amazing marriage. congrats again 🙂

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