From Sea to Shining Sea… South Carolina to Southern California

Whew… we’ve made it cross-country!  I never imagined just how remarkable this journey would be from sea to shining sea.  Ever since I was a child, I imagined making a road trip like this.  What is awesome is that we’ve done it as a family and for a greater purpose than just seeing purple mountains majesty and amber waves of grain.  Those sites have been spectacular, but seeing God move across the land is infinitely more!

We’ve covered 16  states, logged over 6,000 miles and connected with 30 ministries but there is still so much to do!

Here is quick update from the road. The moment we cruised into New Mexico and Arizona we entered into new territory for the Norris family.  We’ve never been in the these states.  Obviously we couldn’t pass up the opportunity to take  the kids to see Carlsbad Caverns, the Meteor Crater, the Painted Dessert, and the Grand Canyon.  All sites that I remember dreaming about as a kid but only being able to experience in pictures.  It really is something special to be able to experience for the first time along with your kids!

In New Mexico we connected with New Hope Revival Church in a little town called Truth Or Consequences.  Why the strange name?  This town officially changed its name several decades ago to get a game show to come do a broadcast.  New Hope Revival Church is trusting God to put it the city on the map for a different reason.  They are contending for revival in all 33 counties of their state.  Pastor Caleb Cooper has a vision and strategy for covering New Mexico in prayer and pushing it towards awakening.  He shares some of this in the following interview.  This video is one that you can’t miss.

When we made it to Arizona, Jenna and I were really looking forward to meeting Pastor Paul and Kim Owen at Fresh Start Church in Phoenix.  This church has been stewarding a move of God for over three years.  I was curious about how they’ve gone about maintaining and sustaining this move and how they are fanning the fire to overtake their region.  Again, this is a must watch interview.

We made the jump from Arizona, through Nevada, to California where we stayed for two weeks in Dinuba at Living Word Fellowship.  This church is located in the dead center of the state of California and feels positioned to see revival shake the state.  It was one of the most powerful set of services we’ve experienced so far.  In the Roadcast we share a couple testimonies from the meetings.

One thing that was truly special about this connection on the trail of fire was traveling down to Los Angles to visit the house at Bonnie Brae St for a prayer gathering on Good Friday.  Words fail to express just how much this meant to both Jenna and me.  Pastor Mark Wallace and I took a moment to share some of the story in the following interview.

It has been 111 years since the Azusa Street Revival broke out from this location.  This is one of my favorite stories from the book.  Today 600,000 million Pentecostals owe their roots to this house and this move of God.  I encourage you to take a moment and watch.

The family is now on our way beyond the western shores to the Aloha state where we will be with God’s House in Maui.


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