From the Frontlines

Next week we start production on a brand new broadcast with Steve Hill and myself that will put a spotlight on the “Frontlines” of Christianity.  We are living in perilous times… There is such unrest in the Middle East, our support of Israel has been put into question, Radical agendas are threatening to undermine our religious freedoms, violent extremist are marching forward with their own “holy war”.  There is cause for alarm.

But I’ve got good news!

You see, when the night is at its darkest, that is when the light shines at its brightest.  In the midst of all the darkness the Kingdom of Heaven is forceful advancing.  Great things are taking place in the body of Christ and now is the time for these things to be shared.

I’m looking forward to bringing you news and views from the frontlines of world events.  It is our hope that this broadcast becomes  a source to 1) Educate the church 2) Expose the enemy 3) Equip the believers to make a difference in their world.

You can sign up for updates and be a part by going to

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