From the Heart of the Heartland

We are in the heart of the heartland and have stopped off in North Sioux City, South Dakota for a few days before heading east towards Des Moines, Iowa.  While there we will partner with Pella Open Bible (7/13-14), New Journey Church (7/16-19), and Indianola First (7/22-23).

There have been so many divine connections ahead of these meetings that it has me asking…

“What is about to happen in Iowa?”

Last fall, Pastor Dave Woodcock from New Journey Church contacted me about being in Iowa during the tour.  He was sitting at a table with another minister from the area, discussing a week of prayer and scripture reading in the city.  They take a week, and read the entire Bible aloud in the city center.  Imagine that!

Dave’s friend mentioned a book he was reading that had fired him up for revival.  That book was Trail Of Fire.  Dave told him, not only was he reading it, but that the author was planning on coming in the summer, the week following the community prayer gathering.  They called me to share how God has been bringing people to Iowa, all with connections to one another, all with a heart to see revival in the heartland.  We know this will be a God ordained meeting!

This year as we were on the first leg of the tour, I met a family from Iowa that had come down for a wedding.  It was purely “coincidental” that they happened to come to the same church I was ministering at.  That Sunday, their entire family was powerfully touched by the Holy Spirit.  I asked where they were from, they replied, “Iowa”.  I told them we would be in Iowa in July.  They proceeded to ask where.  “Knoxville,” I said,  to which they replied, “We are from Knoxville!”  Their next question was of course which church.  I told them New Journey Church with Pastor Dave Woodcock.  They said, “That’s our church!”  At that moment, I felt a strong sense in my spirit.  I knew God was setting this up.  I laid hands on them and told them I was sending them back to Knoxville to prepare.  Dave has shared with me that since that time, there has been a fire lit in the family and community and there is a great anticipation about what God has in store!!!  Something is about to breakout in the heartland!!!

As we’ve traveled the northwest and great plains, we’ve concentrated on building connections.   We’ve met pastors and leaders from North Dakota, Minnesota, Missouri, and Kansas.  We’ve had a few weekends off, which I trust has been God’s grace to allow us to recoup before what I believe will be a summer of fire!  Thank you for keeping the family in your prayers and thank you for standing with us!  Jenna and I have always said, this a journey we are taking together and we thank you for taking it with us!

A lot has happened in the past month, here is a quick run down of some of the highlights!

Charisma Magazine has featured the tour in their July issue.  It is a great article that captures the first half of the journey, highlighting some of the amazing ministries we’ve worked with.  I encourage you to pick up a copy or be looking for the digital post in a few days.  It would be a great help if you’d share the article and a way to thank Charisma for being so kind.

Washington State was so welcoming to us.  We worked with three churches: Pathway in Centralia, Family Christian Church in Spokane, and New Horizon Church in Tacoma.  God moved powerfully.  We saw sons and daughters return to the Lord, healing and baptisms in the spirit.  It was four weeks of revival!

Pastor Vince Schott, at Family Church is truly a father in this area and we took a moment to sit down and discuss the necessity of true fathers in the faith.  It is a needed conversation and one I trust you’ll be blessed by.

Before I left Spokane, we went to the site where John G Lake established his healing rooms.  They documented 100,000 healings over five years and Spokane was designated as the healthiest city in the nation.  I pray the story will encourage you!

Jenna’s latest blog post “What I learned at the Laundry Mat” is up and has been well received.  It should cross-post at GodTV shortly.  I love her honesty and transparency as she talks about the necessity of staying pure before the Lord.

The kids have thoroughly enjoyed the northwest.  The national parks in this part of the country are some of the best, with Yellowstone being the crown jewel.  If you’ve never been, put it on your bucket list!  I was not prepared for the beauty of this land.  Here are just a few pictures from the parks.  There are more on our Facebook and Instagram if you’re interested.

Also, check out Reijah’s new road blogs.  She’s had quite a backlog of posts as she was finishing up school.   Which she finished up with all A’s (Impressive has her school is much harder than what she was used to).  You can expect several posts over the next few weeks as she gets tackles her que (we get to do these together).  It means a lot to her when she sees your comments!

Once again!  Thank you for your continued prayers and support.  I am humbled to know that you are standing with us as we all contend to see a greater awakening come to our nation.  Never has it been more needed, yet so few are truly burned for it!  We count it an honor to know you and stand with you.  You are in our hearts and prayers!

Believing for Revival

Daniel and Jenna

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