I Miss My Pastor!

24496_10150154641300532_131575505531_11565518_6147519_nTonight Jenna and I spent the better part of an hour discussing how we both miss our pastor and how we are so ready to hear the words – Cancer Free!  I miss my Pastor.  I miss hearing that strong voice he has for heralding the good news.  I miss seeing those piercing eyes that seem to peer right into your soul.  I miss feeling the anointing that is always present when he preaches the word.

These past eight years I’ve been privileged to witness the life of the man who preached behind that iconic pulpit that anchored the stage during the Brownsville revival.  I can testify that Steve Hill is truly a man of God!  He is the same in private as he is in public.  He is a man who walks in such godly wisdom that even his instinctive moves are often proven right; a man who lives a life of devotion; a man who walks and talks with Jesus; and a man whose work ethic would put most to shame.  I’ve never seen him take his eyes off the work of the ministry or his focus off the one thing that matters most – seeing souls come to know Jesus and finding the life that only He can give.  Even now as he fights for his life, I have seen such godly character from both he and Jeri.  They are true examples of what Christian faith looks like.

Today Reijah was in the backseat of our car playing with her toy phone when she announced, “Mom, I gotta call Pastor Steve.  He’s sick.  I pray, ‘Jesus, touch Pastor Steve.  In Jesus name amen!’”  And then she sent him a text :-).  Out of the mouths of babes!  My three year old prayed a prayer that Jesus cannot deny.

The deepest desire of my heart concerning our pastor and church is too once again see him grace that stage.  To hear him preach the word with greater authority and to see him function under a greater apostolic anointing.  There is a vision that is yet to be fully realized, and I still dare to dream that dream!  Pastor would always say, “We are on the verge of seeing the greatest move of God that this nation has ever seen.”  I believe that, and I also believe that my general will once again rise to bear witness to that.

So don’t stop praying!  Don’t stop believing!  Let us stand together as we hold up his arms.  Let us join the prayer of a child full of faith.  Jesus, touch Pastor Steve.  In Jesus’ name, Amen!

  • Bonnie Hamm

    Oh, how I love it when these babies pray!!! When I was pregnant with Jeremy, I starting having swelling in my feet and was still working. I had asked the dr if I could go on maternity leave and he said no I would be fine. Well the Wednesday nite before I was to go to the dr again, I asked you and the rest of the 3-5 yr old class that I taught to pray that I wouldn’t have to go back to work. The sweetest prayer came out of all of you and Amy said “please don’t let Miss Bonnie have to go back to work, AMEN” You all laid hands on me and were praying…next day the first thing the dr asked was “when do you want to start maternity leave?” Love, love, love it to this day and testify of it….love my littlest prayer warriors best, it’s straight from the heart and there faith is so powerful…simple and pure!!

  • joyce

    I so agree with ALL you and Reijah have said here. soooooooo well said!! i read it several times over blessings on you and your family.
    thank you

  • Randie Sanders

    Still praying for a miracle for Him too!! What a sweet prayer from your precious little girl!

  • Jody Smith

    I pray for pastor Steve as well. 9 months after I accepted the call to ministry, Brownsville broke out. I actually attended a service in the waining years. I thought I went to have Pastor Steve pray for me…but that never happened. Instead, he looked my straight in the eyes. The Lord told me that I was there to see the fire in his eyes, and that was what I was to seek for…and I am.

  • Linda Brown

    I write this with tears running down my face after reading your post….I’m not in your church but have visited a couple of times as I live in GA. I went to Brownsville over 20-25 times to hear this mighty man of God…I love Steve, just as you all do, and I’m so believing that God Almighty will raise him up. Yes, that we will hear that strong voice calling sinners to repentance, that we will see those piercing blue eyes that fill with tears when he gives the altar calls, because that is his heart. The last time I saw him in person, he took time to stop in the foyer of Heartland, and take my hand, and his eyes filled with tears as he prayed once again for my son. Let’s all join together and in one accord not waiver in our trust in God that He can and will raise Steve up again, no matter what it looks like. So many love Steve and Jeri…God is not finished with both of them! WE must heed the Words of Jesus in Mark 11:23,24. Amen.

  • Thank You 🙂

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