I Still Dream the Dream


It was Oct 2002 when Steve Hill called me.  I’ll never forget the passion in his voice and the significance of his words.  “Daniel, I’m coming off the evangelistic field.  The Lord has spoken to me about starting a church in Dallas.”

“My sheep need a fold” was what Pastor heard Jesus say.  The word was simple.  The impact was huge.  Those five words that pastor penned onto a note pad in 2002 became the seed of a dream that would change not only the life of my family, but the lives of thousands of families in the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex and eventually millions around the world.

Pastor shared with me that as he was looking towards his final 25 to 30 years of ministry, he refused to make the mistake so many of his peers had.  He didn’t want to cross the finish line without having raised up disciples to carry on the work of the ministry.  He and Jeri had worked all over the world, planted churches, been part of two major revivals, and seen millions come to Jesus.  Now it was time to plant a church that would do the same.

Jenna and I have been a part of that church from the very first day and from the beginning we have dreamed some big dreams about this church called Heartland.

We Dreamed about a Powerful Pentecostal Church

Pastor would constantly challenge us.  Don’t go looking at other churches.  Don’t try to copy what someone else is doing.  What God was going to do here was going to be different.

Pastor believed it was still possible to raise up a powerful church that didn’t shy away from Pentecost, the need for repentance, or the message of cross.  He didn’t want this to be a program-oriented church, but a power and presence driven church where you could come and experience God’s power.  He wanted a church that was in revival!

We Dreamed about a Church for your Whole Family

The first motto that our church used was, “A church for your whole family”.  That’s still true today.  Pastor stated that he wanted to see a church were lives are always being saved, healed, delivered and set ablaze for Jesus. Where whole families come to the Lord and marriages are restored. Where men and women who’ve been spiritually complacent are set on fire for God. Where children are being powerfully touched, teenagers are having encounters with God and sons and daughters are answering the call to fulltime ministry, receiving training at our school. A church where believers grow in God and discover that they can be used of God.  Truly, a Church for your whole family!

We Dreamed about a Large Church

During our first conversation Pastor said that Heartland would become church of 25,000.  It wasn’t about being large to say we are a large church.  It was about calling a great army within our city to do great things for Jesus.  The greater the vision, the greater the need!  Many hands do indeed make light work and Heartland has a lot of work to do.  When pastor planted Heartland he wanted a church that was able to not just make an impact around our city, but also around the world.  The kind of impact that only a large church can make.

Heartland is now seven years old and over that short period of time we have already seen glimpses of that dream become reality.  We have also endured our fair share of trails over that time as well.  Any endeavor you pursue will involve some degree of sacrifice.  A dream this great was always going to require fighting through some great battles.  We’ve been through some great battles, but it’s a great dream.  You want to know something?  I still dream the dream!  I refuse to give up on it or to diminish it.  It’s the vision we were planted with, it’s the vision we are running towards.  It’s who we are.  It’s who we will become.

The Lord told the prophet Habakkuk, “Write down the revelation and make it plain on tablets so that a herald may run with it.  For the revelation awaits an appointed time; it speaks of the end and will not prove false. Though it linger, wait for it; it will certainly come and will not delay.”

Heartland, don’t take your eyes off the vision! Though it linger, wait for it! Don’t stop dreaming!

  • Jared Horton

    If Steve Hill had not started this church I would have never found his preaching over the internet. I have been tuned into this church since 2003 or 2004 while I was in electronics school. I have listened almost every week since then. I knew Steve from the Brownsville revival. I never went there but my parents did. After I grew up & got more serious about God, I started looking up God stuff on the internet. I thought, I wonder what Steve Hill is doing now. I found this church & started listening to him preach. I can’t explain the passion & drive that he put inside me to go after God. I literally couldn’t wait for the Tuesday following the previous Sunday so I could listen to him Preach again. I started doing things for God I had never done before. I guess what happened is that I finally heard someone who did what we were really supposed to doing as Christians. I’ve always heard talk about what we are suppose to be as Christians, But when I heard Steve Hill preach, & tell stories about what he had done for God. …….Like staring down a witch in another country & saying the name JESUS!!,….Then the witch getting knocked down by the power of God. Then, Steve casting out devils of this witch!…………………….I thought OH MY WORD!!! Someone is doing stuff like this!!! I must know more about this stuff!!!! If the Christian life can be lived like that I MUST KNOW MORE!!! So, that is why I have moved myself to Dallas TX to attend the Heartland School of Ministry, to learn more. None of this would have happened had not Steve Hill obeyed God & started this church. I can’t explain how much I feel connected to this church. I feel so apart. This will always be my home church, beside my home church I grew up in. Steve Hill & this church have & are still changing my life. Thank you so much Heartland! I honestly can’t say enough. I so appreciate being a part of this ministry!

  • Dearest Faithful Disciple of Jesus Christ,

    Greetings with love of Jesus Christ from church ministry of Pakistan. Peace be upon you and your family and church people.

    I am Evangelist Balkees. Lord Jesus Christ has called and chosen me for His glory and kingdom work through my Husband. I went to church and read the word of God but did not under stand the meaning of new birth.

    My husband taught me the truth of the word of God and about the new birth.

    Praise the Lord. I am now the born again believer. I received to Lord Jesus Christ as my personal savior, Lord and King. I washed by the blood of Jesus Christ. I am bought by the holy blood of Jesus Christ. Jesus paid my price of sins to shedding His holy Blood on Cross. I am free in Jesus name from the power of sin. My all sins are forgiven in Jesus name. I am blessed in Christ.

    we are leading and teaching the word of God to the tribes of Pakistan. we are reaching to lost souls and saving them in Christ. we are making to disciple other nations of Lord Jesus Christ. we are preparing holy and glory church of Jesus Christ here in the Land of Pakistan.

    we are filled by the power of Holy spirit. we are under authority of the Holy Spirit.

    we are walking in the light of Jesus Christ. We believe that Jesus Christ died on the cross for our sins and all the world. He was buried in grave. He rose up again from Dead. He is alive now forever. His grave is empty now. He is coming soon back for His people.

    God is good all the time.

    I am requested to you Please pray for the peace of Pakistan. Please pray for all the churches of Pakistan. we want to peace,grace and mercy of Lord Jesus Christ here in Land of Pakistan. we know that God loves the nation of Pakistan and all the tribes.

    we have strong relationship with our living and holy God. we spend much time in prayer and fasting for the lost souls.

    He wants to save the people of Pakistan and give them eternal life. Please pray for me and my husband and church people. we need your prayers for the gospel work. we are body of Christ.

    My tears are shedding day and night for the lost souls here in the land of Pakistan. God must save million souls in the land of Pakistan Through me and my husband and other ministers.

    The salvation door is still open for all the nations and tribes sinners. Who ever believe in the Lord Jesus Christ should not die but have everlasting life. The healing work is still active and thousand people are getting healing power in Jesus name in their lives into all the world. Jesus is alive. He is coming soon back for His glory and holy Church.

    The light of Jesus Christ is shining into the darkness places. He is light of the world.

    We organize healing crusade monthly in differently towns. We held healing and prayer meetings at our church every day. we have 24/7 prayer center at our church. we together every day in the presence of God and spend time in prayer. Prayer is a great weapon in Christian life.

    prayerful church are powerful and fruitful and get victory over Satan and his powers in Jesus name but prayer less church are powerless and defeat by devil. Prayer is main motive of our church. we have strong prayer worrier team at our church. We are appointed different people for this prayer center. they are faithful and honest with God. they just want to give glory and respect and honor to Lord Jesus Christ. they are gladly serve and spend time in prayer and worship.

    our church out reach team is reaching to lost souls city to city, village to village and town to towns for the kingdom of Lord Jesus Christ. they are all active in the work of God. they are devoted their lives for the kingdom of God. The anointing power of God upon all of them. they all are focus on the kingdom of God. they are living simple life and according to the word of God.

    they have true love of Jesus Christ. Praise the Lord.

    God is touching thousand lives through our team in the land of Pakistan. God speaks us through visions and dreams. our young daughters are prophecy in our church. young people are filled with holy spirit and speaking tongues. they are getting holiness and purity of Lord Jesus Christ in their lives. This is grace and mercy of Lord Jesus Christ upon us. we can’t do any thing with our knowledge and power but we can do all the things in Jesus name. His power and wisdom and knowledge in us.

    In this year 2012, God wants to shake the nation and tribes of Pakistan. The big revival is coming. Thousand and million people will receive to Lord Jesus Christ. Every knee bow down before Him and every tongue confess that Jesus is Lord.

    Same things will be happen in your country and church by the power of Holy spirit.

    let us spread the word of God together and save nations and tribes. Let us prepare holy and glory church together and encourage each other.

    you are welcome in Christ. you can teach and lead our church people for spiritual growth. we invite you in Jesus name in the land of Pakistan for the gospel and kingdom purpose. you are called and chosen only for the purpose of Gospel and kingdom not other. You are part of great commission of Lord Jesus Christ. He wants to send you into all the world and in the land of Pakistan for His glory and kingdom purpose.

    we will pray for this purpose. God will open the door for you and make a way and tell you right and best time for the nation of Pakistan. He will prepare you and give you new revelation for the nation of Pakistan. He is give you direction for this. I cover you in the blood of Jesus Christ.

    God bless you richly.

    Daughter of king Jesus
    Evangelist Balkees
    From Pakistan.

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