Jehovah Jealous

heartfireEx 34: 14 Do not worship any other god, for the LORD, whose name is Jealous, is a jealous God.

Remember observing the jealous boyfriend at your highschool (as I’m sure that was never you)?  I can still see him throwing a tantrum in the cafeteria as he quizzed his love about her interaction with other guys.

“Where were you?  Why were you talking to him?  What did he want?  Why were you looking at him?”

That love-struck highschooler was so overwhelmed by his love for a young lady that his adolescent love drove him to be jealous for her time and attention.  Just watching him (or even myself) taught me something about relationships: It’s the one who is in love the most, that is often the most jealous.

A powerful, yet often missed attribute of our God is His jealousy for you and I.  That trait is so much a part of His nature that He even calls Himself by the name “Jealous”.  That revelation is powerful as it says to us, “I am the one who is the most in love in this relationship!  I am the one chasing after you!  I am the one who longs to spend more time with you! I am Jealous”

It is a fact!  He is the most in love in this relationship, and He is also the most jealous as well.  He is Jehovah Jealous.

As much as we seek after Him, He seeks more!

The psalmist said, “AS the deer pants for the water, so my soul longs for thee”.  This is the rawest expression of a heart that seeks long and hard after God.  It’s the fire that consumes the God-Chaser within us.  But as hard as we may run after him, He is running even harder after you.  That’s been the case from the first day of creation and will be the case when you take your last breath.  You and I chase him for moments, He chases us for eternity!

As much as we love Him, He loves more!

Another disclosure about God is the fact that His name is Love; true Love.  God is Love and Love is God.  There is no way to know love, possess love and give love unless you receive it from Him.  You and I love Him because He first loved us.  Whatever love we return towards Him is merely a fraction of the love He possesses for us.  You and I love him, but can still love Him more.  God Love us, and can love us no more and no less. Think about that for a while!

As much as we long to spend time with Him, He longs even more!

There was an old Larnelle Harris song that went like this.

I miss my time with you, those moments together

I need to be with you each day, and it hurt’s me when you say you’re too busy

busy trying to serve me, but how can you serve me when your spirit’s empty

there’s a longing in my heart, wanting more than just a part of you

it’s true, i miss my time with you”

I can see God in the cafeteria of my highschool; His eyes of fire, staring intently at me filled with a Godly jealousy and a Godly love that no adolescent male or mature man could ever possess, singing, “I MISS MY TIME WITH YOU!”  You and I spend moments with God but it doesn’t take long before our attention drifts off to another thought.  You and I have never been out of his mind. His attention has always been on us.  And I promise you… He misses His time with you.

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