Just Stand Still

Ahead of them was a sea that was impossible to cross. Behind them the road was blocked by their enemy. No way forward and no way back. The situation couldn’t have been more ominous. It seemed this was the end.
“Why did you bring us out here to die?” (Ex 14:11) the Israelites complained and began to wonder why they had listened to Moses and left Egypt. Sure, in Egypt they were slaves, but at least they were alive. Now the dream of experiencing freedom was just that, a dream.
Now what are they to do?
Then Moses said one of the most peculiar things that could be said in a situation that from every angle looked impossible, “Just stand still” (Ex 14:13).
Just stand still?!? Isn’t that contrary to human nature?  Isn’t that the exact opposite of what you know to do?  Fight!  Flee!  Do something!  But, “stand still.”  No way!  How dare he ask the people to do nothing?
What the Israelites failed to see in that moment was that standing still was far from nothing.  It was trust.  It was belief.  It was obedience. It was surrender. It was the substance of things hoped for. It was the expectation of something unseen. It was faith!
That faith found an awesome answer.  Within twenty-four hours the people found themselves on the other side of the sea with the bodies of their enemy washing up on the shore.  They needed to only stand still.
Does this story sound familiar? Do you feel as though you are up against the wall?  Are you facing opposition or being hindered by an obstacle? My friend, the Lord has a word for you – just stand still!  Stand still as you face that barrier.  Raise your hands in worship.  Trust the Lord.  He will make a way!  Stand still in the face of adversity.  Raise your hands in complete surrender, not to the enemy, but to the Lord.  Have faith! He will take up the fight.
Never forget, “God causes everything to work together for the good of those who love God and are called according to his purpose for them” (Rom 8:28).  Israel didn’t find themselves up against the sea on their own accord.  It was the Lord’s plan.  He told Moses, “I have planned this in order to display my glory” (Ex 14:4).  God had intentionally placed them between the obstacle and the opposition so that His glory would be displayed.
I firmly believe everything we face is Father filtered.  Your current situation may have caught you unaware, but it hasn’t surprised the Lord.  There is good in store for you, if you will find the strength to do the one thing that matters most.  Stand still and trust the Lord.  Listen and follow His lead.  He has the path ahead and the road behind covered.  There is no need to fear, just have faith!  Let His glory be revealed as He works all things together for your good. Just stand still!
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