“No Longer a Christian Nation”?

Our President may have announced to the world that America is no longer a Christian nation yet our response to this weeks national tragedy says otherwise.  When the storms swirl overhead, when the earth moves from under your feet… or when you have to deal with the loss of 20 beautiful kids and 7 of their teachers… where do we turn?   Everyone is calling for prayer this week… as we should.  Everyone is looking for God in the midst of the grief.  People who in the past seem the most God opposed are remembering the families in their prayers.  Christian is who we are at our core.  Next week as we begin a necessary dialogue of how to prevent the next Newtown I pray we don’t look away from God once again, but invite Him back into our Nation in times of peace just as we do in times of tragedy.  The same Hope for the town of Newtown is the same Hope for the Nation of America.  In God We Trust – INDEED!

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