One Year Later This Church is a Miracle

I met Aaron and Rose Timberlake, the pastors of Destination Church for the first time in the spring of 2015.  They had just taken on a church that was on the verge of permanently closing its doors. They did so knowing it would be a challenge, yet certain God was directing their steps.

From the first day they determined that the church would not seek to grow at the expense of another.  Instead they would seek out the lost regardless of their background.  Their heart and vision for Destination Church was that it would be a hospital for hurting souls.  Aaron and Rose deeply love people and are true shepherds who quickly and willingly embrace the broken and hold on tight until they’ve prayed them through to wholeness. They’re equipped for the kind of frontline ministry their city needed.

10882142_10152469690566373_5219447858469016924_nWhen I first came to the church there were twelve adults in the service (that was double what they started with just months earlier).  The majority of the twelve were newly saved and a few still dealing with serious sin issues.  It was an eclectic group of people all meeting together in an old dilapidated building that tilted heavily to one side. That weekend I left uncertain if Destination would make it, but fully convinced that Aaron and Rose would give the church its best chance.

Those first few months were rough, but come summer things had begun to rapidly change at the church.  In July they put on a successful community wide VBS.  It was something to see that little sanctuary filled to capacity with neighborhood kids and several families added to the church as a result.  When I returned in the fall I was shocked to find a completely different congregation than the one I visited just months before.  The small group of twelve had multiplied.  The sanctuary was full!  There was a freedom in worship and a spiritual hunger in the people.  That weekend we saw people saved and the sparks of revival taking root in the house.

This past week I was able to return once again to Destination.  It’s been exactly one year and I am blown away with the miracle that is continuing to take place there.  Four weeks ago Destination Church was approached by a neighboring church who wished to unite, combining congregations and resources.  The church is now in a larger (and sturdy) building. The attendance has grown to more than a hundred and the Lord has brought together an amazing leadership team that carries the same heart as their pastors for actively going after the lost and hurting in the city.  The vision is quickly coming to pass.

Before heading back home, I met with the leaders on a large piece of property that sits off the highway in a busy intersection.  This is prime real estate that has belonged to the church for fifteen years.  Until this year, building a church on the land had always felt like an unobtainable dream.  Now after seeing what God has done, there is no doubt that this dream is their future.  Something truly significant is happening at Destination Church!

Aaron, Rose and Destination are one of the threehundred.  Together we are making BIG THINGS happen! (To find out more about the threehundred click here)

  • Ernie

    What a powerful testimony of God’s grace, His power, and His love for the lost and hurting! A dear preacher friend who is now with the Lord, Brother Bert Clendennen, said, “God is looking for a vessel!” Sounds like he found a couple of good vessels in Aaron and Rose.

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