It’s all about Family!

The FamilyReijah Joy is a few days away from crossing the four month old mark. I have to admit…I’m the most blessed man on the face of the earth because I have two amazing and beautiful girls in my life.

Someone stopped me at the church the other day and commented on how Reijah was doing and then they said, “her dad has her spoiled.”

I didn’t hesitate in my response, “Actually, she has her dad spoiled.”

Spoiled by the way she smiles at me when I walk into the room. Spoiled-rotten with our snuggle time in the mornings. Spoiled with little games of patty-cake or tickle sessions on the carpet.

Spoiled because currently for Rejiah, her mom and her dad is her world.

I can’t help but think God is the same way with His kids.  He must feel spoiled when He becomes our world.  After all for Him…it is truly all about family!

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