Pastor, Jesus called… He wants His Church Back

From: Assistant to the Pastor
Subject: Today’s Agenda
Date: September 11, 2012 8:00:05 AM CDT
To: The Pastor

Good morning pastor.

Today look’s like a pretty busy day.

8:00 am Tee Time with Ted Johnson (He’s running for county council)

12:30 pm Lunch with the Doug Smith (final edit on book is ready)

1:30 pm Meeting with the Board to discuss the Building Project

3:00 pm Studio Taping

4:15 pm Conference Call for upcoming “revival tour”

4:45 pm Meeting with Miss Day (she’s the elderly lady that’s been asking to get with you… shouldn’t take more than 10 minutes)

BTW:  There was a Voice Mail this morning waiting on you from someone called Jesus.  I transcribed the message.

My Son,

I’ve noticed you’ve been very busy.  I’ve missed our morning chats.  I still stop by each day at the same time, trusting that I’ll see you.  I’m sure when you finish the book and the upcoming tour you’ll be more available.  There is much to catch up on.

When you do stop by we need to talk about the church.  Do you remember when I called you into My ministry?  You committed to take care of My sheep while I was away.  You promised to work with My Holy Spirit to get them prepared and to present them as a glorious bride for Myself.  You started so strong but I am afraid that success in My ministry has had the adverse effect of creating your ministry.

No longer do you pray for the people, you pray about your opportunities.  No longer do you make time for those in need, but those who meet your needs.  No longer are you building My Church, you’re building yours. You’ve achieved a great name, but I called you to lift up Mine.  You trust in your advisers, you used to trust Me.  You are doing a lot in My Name, but if you take a honest look, you’ll see that I’m no longer a part.

My charge to you is this.  Return to your first love.  Do the things you did at first.  If you do, you will find the original success.  If you do not… I’m going to ask you for My church back.

I look forward seeing you soon,


Pastor,  How would you like for me to respond?

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