Revival’s Proof is always in Its Fruit – From Pensacola to the Philippines

January 7, 2000 Silver Moreno accepted the invitation of his spirit-filled mother to attend a service at Brownsville Assembly of God where revival was well into its fifth year. It was a long trip from Dallas to Pensacola, but Silver was desperate. A lifestyle of partying, drugs and alcohol had taken its toll. His first marriage was over and he was estranged from his young son and daughter. Silver needed a turn around.

He arrived at Brownsville with no idea what awaited. The revival’s evangelist, Steve Hill, was a bold and fiery preacher. His messages were always intense and often came with unforgettable illustrations. That night was no exception. During the message, Steve had the lights in the sanctuary dimmed. A solo red spotlight illuminated a post that had been positioned center stage. There the body of a man was tied up with his hands overhead. Steve took a short leather whip and began to strike the body over and over again as he sought to convey the terrible price Jesus paid when He was tied to the whipping post (I’ve posted a part of that message below).

Tied To The Whipping Post – Steve Hill


Silver watched in disbelief as he came to realize it was his sins that sent Jesus to the post. It was a punishment that he deserved, yet Jesus took. What grace! What love! When the altar call was given, Silver wasted no time. He ran to the front of the church and repented before the Lord. That night he was completely and radically transformed by the power of God.

Fast-forward fifteen years. Silver was once again accepting an invitation to attend a revival meeting. However this time, he wasn’t the one who needed the turn around, he was hoping to bring one. Silver took off from the Dallas-Fort Worth airport on October 6, 2015 for his third outreach mission to the Philippines. From the moment he left the US it was evident there was a special grace upon the trip. He hadn’t even made it to the final destination and was already leading people to Jesus in the airport and on the plane!

There was no time to be wasted once on the ground. Through food distributions, and non-stop revival meetings hundreds were being reached. Silver ministered in twenty services in twelve separate churches. The results were many salvations and noted signs, wonders and miracles. Blind eyes and deaf ears were opened. Others testified of healing from cancer and diabetes. When Silver boarded a plane to come back to the states, he had helped plant 9 new churches!

The evidence of a genuine move of God is always seen in its fruit. Silver’s radical encounter with the Lord has bore much fruit. Since that time, Silver has seen not only a transformation in his own life, but his family as well. In 2005, Silver met and married a godly woman from the Philippines named Vicky. The relationship that was once broken with his kids has been fully restored including his eldest son coming back to the Lord after many years of prayer. . Together, Silver & Vicky along with his praying mother Sandy have planted a church in Dallas and a total of 17 churches in the Philippines.

Silver and Vicky are truly paying it forward and we are proud to call them one of threeHundred.

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