Standing with Newtown

School and Shooting shouldn’t be two words that we would ever associate with one another.  Unfortunately it’s become all too common of a headline.  Today our nation is once again morning the loss of our precious children.  This time, 18 kindergarteners .  My heart is saddened, my spirit grieved.  These things should not be.

As a father of a 5 year old, I cannot imagine what the parents of these fallen sons and daughters are dealing with.  No parent should ever have to wonder when they drop their kids off for school in the morning if they will see them in the afternoon.  This tragedy should never have come on you.  It is not just.

The talking heads on the TV are debating everything from warning signs to gun control.  As a nation we are trying to make sense of this – there is little sense to be made.  A deranged mad man, took the lives of innocent children.  Everyone wants to know how we stop such senseless violence from ever taking place again.  Honestly it’s arrogance to think we can control such things.  As long as man remains apart from God, godless acts will continue to abound.  Now is the time for morning… not debating.  Now is the time to fall on our knees in prayer… not argue our positions.

Newtown, you are in our thoughts.  You are in our prayers.  There is nothing we can do to bring back what you have lost.   There is little we can say that make everything ok.  So we will stand with you as you pick up the pieces, we will hold you as you grieve.   We will trust God to hold you in his hands and bring beauty out of these ashes.

America… We need God more than ever.  WE can no longer push Him out of our public square.  Let us repent for our wayward lives, return to His loving arms and allow Him to revive us once again!

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