Thankful for Moments

Last week Jenna and I were invited to a very special pre-Thanksgiving dinner. The setting for this event was different than you would imagine. There was no fine china or silverware, just styrofoam plates and little plastic sporks. There was no grand banquet buffet, instead we had knee high tables and miniature little chairs.

Thankfully the meal itself was not the highlight of this occasion. Let’s just say, the words ‘processed meat’ and ‘turkey’ should never be used in the same sentence, and hopefully will never again find itself on my plate.

However not one of these things took away from this day because we were not there for the meal, we were there for the moment.

This is Reijah’s first year in school, and the parents were invited to join their little ones for their last lunch before the fall break. Sitting at her table and drinking from a little paper milk carton took me back to my own days at my elementary school. Now here I was 30 years later with my own little girl. This was a special moment indeed.

While we were seated at the table I couldn’t help but notice a dad sitting across the lunch room with his son and daughter. While his kids enjoyed their meal, he enjoyed his cell phone. This was one 30 min meal. A moment this dad would never get back. No text message or email could have been more important than the potential memory being created at that moment. What a shame.

Never forget, you and I live life by moments, not minutes. Often times when we get caught up passing the time, we miss important moments.

I bet you can’t remember where you were at October 16, 2007 at 5:27pm. I can because that was the exact moment Reijah was born.

Since that time, I have enjoyed many more moments with her. Like the moment she took her first steps or the moment she said “Dada” the first time…on Mother’s Day. I remember the moment she heard sleigh bells outside her window on her first white Christmas. These and countless more make up moments that I’m so thankful I got to share with her.

This holiday season will present you and me many opportunities to create and share in so many wonderful moments with your family and friends. Make each one count. Don’t make the mistake of passing time at the expense of missing important moments.

As this year draws to a close, it’s my prayer for you and your family that the Lord would present you with many marked moments that create lasting memories for you and the ones you love.

Be blessed and have a very Happy Thanksgiving!

Daniel & Jenna Norris

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