The Second Step

Like Peter stepping out of the boat, you stepped out of the comfortable, familiar surroundings of what you had always known, into the chaotic, frightening waves of the unknown.   It might have been a failed venture you thought was worth the risk. Maybe it was believing against reason that you’d see a miracle where a doctor said one would not be found.  Perhaps it was receiving the final notice and still not seeing the “pressed down, overflowing” return you’ve been taught.  Maybe you’re questioning everything you believe and wondering if this faith is really a fantastic fiction.

You’ve been challenged, “Get out of the boat” or “Take a step of faith” and you did.  But once the influence of the message or the moment wore off, you found yourself teetering on shaky ground looking for your footing.

It’s possible to stir faith with emotion. It’s where most of us live.  I believe that’s where Peter was when he took his first step onto the water.  He was surrounded by a storm, convinced this was the end.  Then Jesus appeared.  Overcome with the emotion of the moment Peter defied the reality of his present circumstances and joined Jesus upon the same water that moments ago threatened him.  He took a step of faith – an emotional step.  Then reality hit.  What he was doing was impossible, he faltered.  Peter failed to take the next step, THE SECOND STEP of faith that most believers miss as well.

In this message Daniel K Norris shares how God is at work in our lives taking us from an enthusiastic faith to an enduring faith.

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