There is MORE!

AW Tozer wrote, “You and I have as much of God as we want.”

That statement has burned within my spirit these past three weeks.  It’s both convicted me of personal complacency and stirred me to a greater fervency.  I hunger for more of God than what I currently know.  Thankfully there is more!  So much more!!!

Consider the personal implications of that quote.  How much of God is enough for you?  Have you found a place of contentment within his presence and settled down?  Is it possible that you’ve backtracked in your spiritual life?  Is there a time you were more on fire for the Lord than you are now?    Do you still desire more of God?  Tozer says, “you have as much of God as you want.”  How much of God have you settled for?  Are you contending for more?

I remember during the revival that it wasn’t strange to be at the church every night.  Why?  God was in the house and we didn’t want to be absent.  After decades of being in church without God, God wasn’t going to be in church without me!  During that blessed time it wasn’t work or legalism that drove me to church night after night, it was hunger for more and more of his presence.

I wish I could tell you that everyday since I’ve run hard after him.  I certainly could have, but life has a tendency to bring things our way that takes our eyes off the one and only thing that matters.  We stop praying like we used to, we stop worshiping like we used to, we miss a day or two of devotional time with Jesus.  It’s easy to excuse at first.   Initially we are convicted, but soon we become content.  It’s a subtle slide and a slow fade.  None of us intend to slip, it’s the natural consequence of becoming content with the status quo.

My friend, contentment is the greatest enemy of your Christianity.  Contentment says, “this is a good place to stop. I’ve seen all I need to see, experienced all I need to experience, have all I need to have.”  Instead of progressing into greater glory in him we camp out at the last experience.  Contentment is the first step to compromise and compromise is one step from spiritual death.

Perhaps that’s where you are, spiritually dead or dying.  If so, close your eyes right now and cry out to Him.  There is grace to meet you at this moment and bring your spirit back to life.  Maybe you’re just at that place of contentment, if so let these words stir you – there is more, more than you currently know, so much more!

God doesn’t dwell in our past and neither should we.  He has never stopped moving since that last encounter and will continue to move beyond the next.  There is a greater dimension of his glory awaiting you.  Refuse to be content with the past measure of his presence.  It’s time to contend for a greater glory in the future!

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