T’was two months before Christmas

T’was two months before Christmas, I was on top of the house

Stringing twinkling lights, garland, and a wreath made by my spouse
The Neighbors were ticked, but I didn’t care
Because I knew Christmas, would soon be there
Inside Jenna had decorated with gold, silver, green and red
While the smell of cinnamon and ginger will linger in your head

So Jenna in her PJ’s settled down in my lap
To see which holiday movie was now on tap
When all through the surround sound there arose such a clatter
Kevin McCalister was home alone, that’s what was the matter
Clever and quick he schemed a plan in a flash
Soon the paint cans were flying and the bricks they did mash
Soon the crooks where outwitted, this movie’s no bore
Do you guys give up, or are you thirsty for more

Now the movie’s all over, there’s so much more to be done
Time to get ready for more holiday fun
In to the car, off to the mall super quick
Time to buy presents from old saint nick
Now, Gap, now Buckle, Now Guess and Anchor Blue
On, Express, On Lerner, On Macys and Limited Too

Down the mall halls with Bags and Boxes full of gifts
In the air CarolersĀ Caroling the latest Christmas rifts
Starbucks in my little red holiday cup
The caffeine and the sugar sure to keep my energy up

Now after two months of waiting, it’s finally here
It’s Time for the greatest day of the year
This year is perfect, We’ve done it all right
So Merry Christmas to All and to all a good night!

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