You and I are facing one of the most important elections of our lifetime. The decision you make November 6th will help chart the course for our nation concerning such key issues as traditional marriage, the right to life, and our nation’s support of Israel. God is watching His Church this year to see if we will recognize our responsibility, refuse to remain silent, and respond to the times we are living in. Allow me to share a few responsibilities of every true believer in America during this crucial time.

As a Christ Follower we must:
1) RECOGNIZE the RESPONSIBILITY found within our right to vote.

There are more than 60 million Bible-believing, Christ-followers in this nation that are eligible to vote (the media likes to call us evangelicals). We represent the single largest voting block in the US. However, as few as 15 million believers exercised their right to vote in recent elections and a whopping 24 million Christians are not even registered to vote! Do you realize the Church has the ability to choose righteous rulers for this land if we would simply recognize the responsibility we have.* There is power in our unity!

As a Christ Follower, we must:
2) REFUSE to REMAIN silent!

David Barton recently noted that the number one reason given for not being registered to vote is an attempt to dodge jury duty. It seems inconceivable that true Christ Followers would relinquish their right and responsibly for reasons as foolish as getting out of their civic duty. Think about this: the 2008 election was decided by less than 10 million votes! If 50% of the unregistered evangelicals had refused to remain silent, they alone could have shifted the election. We have a right AND the responsibility to speak; let us do so this year.

As a Christ Follower, we must:
3) RESPOND to the times we are living in.

This is a pivotal election. God’s eyes are upon His Church this election to see if we will respond to the times we live in and ensure that this nation continues to be the shining city upon the hill. We have a responsibility. We can no longer remain silent before heaven and before men. Now is the time to respond! Now is the time for each of us to begin praying the effectual, fervent prayers that avail much concerning our nation and this election. Now is the time to make sure you are registered to vote. Now is the time to let your voice be heard on Election Day as you respond to the opportunity you have been given.

Here are a few ways you can act:

  • VOTE: Make sure that you are registered to vote. For many states, the deadline to register is TODAY!!! Go to to check your registration status and find links to get registered.
  • SIGN-UP: Very soon we will be launching FRONTLINES.TV, a site designed to keep you informed of the critical news and views taking place on the front lines of world events. You can go ahead and sign up now to be a part of this exciting ministry and stay informed with what is taking place in our nation and around the world by clicking   
  • PRAY: Stand with us as we pray each day for the upcoming elections. Pray that God would raise up righteous men and women to lead this nation in all branches of government. Pray that the Church would stand up for what is right.
  • GIVE: Your gift large or small helps us raise our voice during this crucial hour. Together, we are making a difference!  Click here to give now.

Believing for revival,

Daniel K Norris
Executive Producer/Evangelist
From the Frontlines with Steve Hill

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