Where is the God of Elijah?

elijahThere is a resounding question that is being asked by the world. It is whispered within their subconscious but screamed with the way they live their lives. The question they are asking is, “Where is God?”


They claim that He doesn’t exist.  That He is a figment of your imagination or a crouch for the weak-minded.  Others say He is a created tool that allows rulers to suppress men.  Sigmund Freud preached that faith is an illusion comparable to a childhood obsession.


I admit, all of that is true of a man-made religion, but it is not true of a very real, man-making God


Where is the God?  Who are we to ask? Does He answer to us.  If He is God then He is sovereign and Supreme.  You and I would be the work of His awesome hands.  What creation would ever have the right, or foolishness to question it’s creator.  You can choose to live like He is not there, but it does not change reality.  He exists!  And thank God that He does, because since He is, you are.


So Where is He?  I’ll answer.  He hasn’t gone anywhere, and He has not changed.  He is the same yesterday, today and forever. He was here before it began, and will be here after it ends.  The same God that parted the red sea is still the same God who can hold all the waters of the sea within the palm of his hand.  The same creator who spoke this world into existence still sits upon His throne and this created world serves as His foot stool.  The same God who knit you together in your mothers wound, who knew you before he created you, who set you up to be blessed and not cursed, is still the same God who says I will never leave you nor forsake you and the seed that I planted in your life, will bear fruit in its time.  The same God who is denied by some,  Confined by others;  the same God whom our nation runs from; the same God in whom many are asking we no longer speak his name, nor bear it on any of our landmarks; is the same God to whom one day every one will bow their knee and confess that His Son,  Jesus Christ is Lord.


That day there will be no agnostics and no atheists.  There will be no God haters, or God mockers.  There will only be humbled men, begging for mercy from a supremely, sovereign; infinitely, just God.  There they will find themselves confessing through all eternity what they denied in their short mortality


God is and because He is, He has something to say about you.  Why you were created and why you live.



Where is the God of Elijah?  He hasn’t gone anywhere, and He is no figment of my imagination.  He is here and He has a question of His own, “Where are the Elijah’s of God?” 


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