Why has it been so long since the last RoadCast?

Why has it been so long since the last RoadCast?  We answer that question in here in Roadcast number 12.  We are now 42 States in, 47,000 miles total and headed towards the completion of this epic year long journey to circumnavigate the United States on an appeal to heaven for a greater awakening!

Here is a few highlights from the last two months.

City Reach Church in Bangor Maine has been reaching the unreached at the center of their city.  Infact, it’s their outreach that has been the source of their tremendous success and growth.  They have their eye upon the prodigals and have welcomed many to a loving home.


Charles Finney Came to Rochester New York to fill the pulpit of this dysfunctional Presbyterian Church.  As a result the city was saved and Finney experienced the greatest revival of his ministry.

While in Massachusetts we worked with a tremendous church called His Providence that sits right on the state line between Massachusetts and Rhode Island.  I also spoke at Crosslight Church in Springfield, Massachusetts.  This is an on fire Russian church that challenges any notion you might have of the “frozen chosen” in the North East.  What an awesome time!

While in the state I trekked to Enfield, Ct where Jonathan Edwards preached “Sinners in the Hands Of An Angry God”. It was from this place that Edwards shook a nation!



The Kids have really enjoyed this leg of the trip and we have loved showing them the history of America.  Be looking for some Road Blogs from Reijah very soon!


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