Trail Of Fire

Trail of Fire

True Stories From Ten of the Most Powerful Moves of God.

Warning: This book will provoke you!  Trail of Fire is a contagious collection of timeless stories from a man whose heart burns for revival.  This masterpiece is a catalyst that will make you hungry for revival and leave you praying, “Do it again, God!”
– Daniel Kolenda, President of Christ For All Nations

From the First and Second Great Awakenings to the Azusa Street Revival, God has visited His people in profound ways throughout history.  Trail of Fire describes the moments when powerful spiritual awakenings transformed whole communities and even nations and shows how you can see God move today in a similar way.

Trail of Fire will inspire you with compelling, page-turning accounts of past revivals, some of which are drawn from the rare books housed in the private library of the late evangelist Steve Hill.  But Trail of Fire does much more.  In each chapter you will learn the action steps you can implement to cultivate and sustain revival in your own life and spheres of influence.

“They say it’s hard to know where you are going unless you know from where you’ve came. Well, I just finished reading Trail of Fire and I’m completely humbled and amazed at the heritage I have as a believer. I started this book a little over two weeks ago and have just taken my time reading and absorbing each of the stories and encounters with God represented in its pages. I now walk away from this book challenged and stirred by the very breath of the Holy Spirit that birthed this book and the moves of God that have been ushered in by the sacrifices and fervent prayers of so many saints gone before. This book has resurrected a hope in me for an even greater awakening. I know that if God did it once, He will do it again if we will only position ourselves! Trail of Fire became my “Trail of Tears”. I will never be the same.
– BJ Harrison, Alabama

If you hunger for renewal in your spiritual life and are tired of the dull, dry religious routine, now is the time to boldly seek God for awakening.  Trail of Fire will show you how to be used of God to bring revival to your personal life, your church, your community, and even your nation.

Are you ready to break free from the dull, dry routines of religion and become a catalyst for revival?


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